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  • Karen is a coach’s coach.  She understands my world, yet she brings so much knowledge and wisdom that I’ve never been exposed to.  Working with Karen is definitely one of the best business decisions I’ve made in the past few years. I’ve ventured into business territory I’ve been wanting to but didn’t know how to…. and didn’t have the courage to.  Now I see those barriers in my rearview mirror as I am stepping on the gas.
    David Martin, Cincinnati ,
  • I know I've said it but just in case you forgot....you truly have had a tremendous influence on me and filled me with inspiration and knowing that it is all going to happen for me. Thank you so much for following your vision - because of that you are helping so many others to make their dreams a realization.  
    Courtney Watson, Boulder ,
  • I have learned so much about myself from your webinar Getting Unstuck in 6 Weeks.  I was very depressed, hopeless and empty. I had never experienced this feeling of sadness and loneliness.  After the first couple of lessons, I began to notice the opportunities being presented to me and realize sometimes the death of a friendship or job is a gift to help you move forward.  I am now finally able to let go of friendships and habits that no longer suit me.  Basically, I learned to fill what is empty and empty what is full. As you know, I am moving to SF next week to pursue a new adventure in the art world that I secured by envisioning myself already doing it. It has been such a relatable experience laughing about our similar challenges while getting to know more about you. I am so glad we met at that silly networking mixer a whole year ago.  I didn't know at that time why you cared about a strangers story but found out we aren't really strangers after all. Thanks to your advice and personal stories, I will continue on this path, confident that I deserve all of the love and happiness coming my way.
    Dottie Lulick, San Francisco,
  • At first, I was very tentative regarding working with Karen. I had gotten to a place where I was really just scared to move or do anything and I found the prospect of actually tackling my demons and making some significant changes daunting. I had probably been stuck in that place for a very long time. Over the past six months, Karen has helped me confront the things in me that make it hard to move, to face them and push myself to do something valuable. Over the next few months, I am taking my company to new places, to daring and innovative new places still with a little fear, but with a lot more excitement. Change for me is always slow. I like to feel safe and secure. But Karen gently guided me to making change, to being honest and to being brave. I'm excited for the future. Very excited.
    Chris Hauck, Boulder,
  • There are very few people in the world like Karen Mozes. This woman has singlehandedly ignited some of the most meaningful transformations in my life and the lives of many people I love. Although I’ve done years of personal development work, nothing up to this point even scratched the surface of the work I’ve done with Karen. When I started working with her, one of the first things I said was that “I’ve already done so much of this,” but I was wrong. She has an unparalleled approach to guiding you through universal Truths that are essential to building a life and career you love. After working with Karen, my income doubled, I created the business of my dreams, and fell in love with my life all over again. I have recommended Karen to many clients and friends and, without fail, she continues to create tangible transformation time and time again. Thank you Karen for everything you do. You and your work are two of the greatest blessings of my life.
    Justin Michael Williams, SketchbookLA,
  • When I started working with Karen, I was in the darkest muck of my career. I had been working at the same agency for over four years and felt like I was spinning my wheels with no direction. I've always known there was something BIG inside of me that was TRYING to get out. And I knew that the way I was approaching life and my career wasn't letting that inner voice sing. So when I met Karen I thought, maybe she can tell me what I should do with my life. But she didn't. Instead, Karen asked the right questions to let ME figure out what I wanted to do with my life. After our first session, I felt like I had some guidance and a person who could help me to reflect. After the second session, I felt I had a mentor who not only shined a light got on the core of who I am (which I had been ignoring for years). I also realized she is a talented strategist. Karen's firm but loving guidance allowed me to reflect on my life and attitudes in a way that I had never done before. So when I had a breakthrough 'Aha' moment in the middle of the fourth session, when I finally got clear on my calling, I could have hugged her through the phone.  All the limiting beliefs that were keeping me thinking small started to dissolve, and the possibilities opened up. Since then, it's been a wild, amazing ride. In the following weeks, with my vision clear and the loving support of Karen to keep things in perspective and keep me moving forward mentally, I enrolled in a new training program, met dozens of wonderful new colleagues and mentors, and begun putting all my creative ideas into action. Things are moving faster than ever. And the people from my 'former' life continue to come up to me saying things like, "You look so peaceful these days," and "You look like you're walking on air." And you know what? I feel that way. For the first time I feel totally confident in my direction, in the people I'm surrounding myself with, and most importantly, the attitude I bring to life is no longer one of blaming and negativity. Now I embrace my natural curiosity and loving and giving. Funny how a simple attitude switch can change your life. I would recommend Karen to anyone who is going through a life transition of any type: having kids, or starting a new job, want to FIND a new job, just graduated, or just retired  – Karen is full of ways to make the most of any life transition. She will surprise and delight you with her insight. Karen holds you accountable. She carries no BS, but handles herself with a very open, understanding and loving heart. I will definitely be working with her to keep this momentum going!
    Austin Bauer, Los Angeles ,
  • I enthusiastically recommend Karen!  There are a lot of people who call themselves a "coach", but Karen is beyond the ordinary!  She's a powerhouse with a sharp mind & a brilliant sense of success.  She’s truly genius and has motivated, inspired, and focused me in a way no other coach ever has!  She will see your greatness even if you can't yet, and works diligently to uncover your star power.  Work with her and I guarantee your life will change!!
    Eva Clay, Santa Monica,
  • Working through the Cinco Method with Karen has given me tools for consistent awareness. Karen is simultaneously inspirational and relatable - a giving and stable guide, driving me to  approach challenges as building blocks and consistently keep my performance level at its potential. Starting out with my inherent core values, the Cinco Method has clarified my priorities and honed my skill set for being the designer of my own life. This method has efficiently transformed my creative expression to be life-giving and woken up my deep sense of freedom.
    Joanclair Richter, Pasadena ,
  • I was originally unsure whether it was the right time to take Karen's class due to a busy work schedule and other commitments. I went ahead and decided to take the group class, and I think it's one of the best decisions I've ever made. It couldn't have come at a better time for me. In just a few short months, the awareness I've gained and changes I've already made have had a profound impact on my life. Looking back, I think I was in a bit of a "rut" and Karen really helped me break through to the next level. The combination of the readings, group sessions, individual sessions, and self-guided activities really helped to constantly reinforce a new way of thinking and living.  And it was helpful to hear others on the group call working through the same issues as me. It's been a wonderful, life-changing experience, and I can't wait to see what's next. I am extremely grateful that I met Karen when I did and decided to take that first step forward.
    Michael Aaron, New York,
  • I wasn’t seeking a professional coach, but after meeting Karen during a free consultation offered at my workplace, I was captivated. After one hour, I knew that I had to work with her for a longer term and that she would help me to ignite a spark that I had felt inside of me. I am happy in my career and I love what I do, but I also feel an itch to do something greater, something larger than I had allowed myself to imagine until working with Karen. In our 5 months working together my whole outlook in life has changed. Everything looks different, ideas are flying and I can’t wait to find out what’s around the corner. I am pursuing several “pet projects” that had been cast aside for years, including a new business I am now launching. To call Karen a “professional coach” doesn’t do enough justice. Because of the work we are doing together I am happier, my relationships are stronger, I believe I am a better parent to my three kids and I have a completely refreshed outlook on my life.
    Deanna Goodwin, Culver City,
  • I sat in the the Inaugural Think Tank session hosted by USGBC-LA EB Committee where Karen was the moderator for a room full of leading professionals in the building market sector where she steered the discussion to be focused on best practices, challenges and solutions to key trends to green existing buildings. As the outcome, her imaginative and engaging format of framing the session helped to guide our thoughts to be focused on the mission at hand. Her diverse background makes her a unique asset to any team/project, which is why I've asked her to be the moderator for the newly formed Living Building Challenge - LA Collaborative, where she will lead the discussions amongst a diverse group of individuals to fulfill the collaborative's vision to bring a Living Building in Los Angeles. This will be one of many project I will ask her to be a part of.
    Mika Yagi, Gensler Los Angeles,
  • With Karen's executive coaching I have been able to get my priorities organized, my goals re-aligned and my vision, for my life and my business re-defined. After an initial strategy session, Karen suggested that we complete her Cinco Method coaching plan, which I found to be undoubtedly worth the investment. We spent the first 6 weeks by focusing exclusively on my personal life and my vision in the domains of wealth, health, relationships and work. I have learned some great tools that I will be able to apply forever. On the second half of the process we immersed into the critical business elements. The process is very logical and has helped me tremendously. Not only have I gained a much clearer vision for what I want my company and personal lives to be, I have immediately stared taking action steps in that direction. We have added people to our team, have come up with some great new ideas for our business core services, and are revamping our sites and marketing materials. I can see much clearer now what I want, and how to get there, and have regained a passion for the business. A really nice feature is that Karen develops a Corporate Communication's Book which has turned out to be a great resource for the current team and, especially helpful as a resource for new team members joining Language Fish. I highly recommend Karen for her coaching expertise, her creative ideas, and the systems that she has put together to help entrepreneurs. She is an incredibly resourceful and insightful person that I plan to keep as a business consultant for as we grow and expand.
    Sean Kirschenstein, Language Fish, Santa Monica,
  • Karen's expertise has been essential in helping Verdani's business emerge into reality. Karen has helped me get complete clarity about my own vision for the company, what are my ideal clients and what services will help me support these clients. Karen is professional, hardworking, smart, knowledgeable, practical, responsive, detailed oriented, and extremely creative. We have engaged her to work with our team, with the 'Generating Creative Ideas Workshop,' and in addition to getting great clarity in the direction of our business, with her coaching expertise, we are delighted with the communication's package she has developed for us. Karen will continue to be an integral part of our team as we grow, supporting all of our communication needs.
    Daniele Horton, Verdani Partners, San Diego,
  • Karen is a natural coach - insightful, thoughtful, caring yet firm.  It's clear she loves what she does, and - more to the point for me - cares deeply about helping me find work that I love.  I've done quite a bit of searching in the past to figure out what work would be fulfilling to me - seminars, a Tony Robbin's workshop, books.  Doing the Dream Builder process with Karen was by far the most effective.  From the first time we met and reviewed my vision, she made very insightful observations about beliefs that, up until then, were holding me back (that there was a part of me that didn't believe I deserved to have it all, and my idea that working towards my dreams had to be a struggle).  I also loved the process because it focused on more than just my career.  I  created a beautiful, empowering vision for other areas of my life: relationships, health, and finance.  I clarified what's important in those areas of my life and began taking action steps in the direction of my vision. I highly recommend Karen as a coach!  Working with her was a very positive experience.  And after just 12 weeks I was clear on my vision, confident that it would become my reality, and had taken several steps toward making it so.
    Julie Wood, New York,